Create your ad

Start by choosing an ad type which meets your objectives, and create your ad. To do this, create or choose a good landing page, splash page or banner, and place the ad.


Buy or get advertising credits

On T4eo you can activate all of your ads by using advertising credits. You can buy advertising credits to each ad type on Buy ads page. The only exception is the Surf ad, to which - besides the purchase - you have an option to get credits by using our Surf program.


Tip: you can increase your income if you buy Bonus ad packs, because you can get a share of T4eo's sales revenues.


Activate your ad

To activate the Surf and Instant cash link ads, you have to assign as many credits to them, as many as visitors you want to receive to the advertised website. You can activate the rest of ad types by selecting of days - on a calendar - when you want your ad to appear.

People see your ad on T4eo

Surf ad

Surf ads are displayed in T4eo Surf program where our members can choose even every day what is to interests them, and those ads will be appear first them, which belong to the categories they chose. Of these, firstly those which are targeted to the country, where the member stays..

Instant cash link ad

These links appear on the bottom of Dashboard for our members, who get instant cash rewards for viewing ads. So you get many visitors guaranteed to your advertised site in a short time.

Start page ad

Every day when a member starts surfing of ads in T4eo Surf program, this ad appears first to her or him, regardless of his or her place of stay and interests.

Login page ad

Every day when a member logs in to his or her account, this ad appears first to him or her in a frame.

Banner ad

The current 728 by 90 banner ad is appears in the members area at the top of every page (except the surf side).

Text ad

Text ad appears in the members area at the bottom of display on every page (except the surf side).

You can modify your ad

You can modify any ad any time, without having to stop the ad. But you can stop or suspend it by withdrawal of credits.