• T4eo Help - Rewarding program
  • On this site you can find the T4eo Rewarding program policies and detailed describe of the program. Please read it carefully.
  • As I have mentioned it at the describe of the Surf program, there are several ways to increase the number of visitors of a website, and one of the best ways when we provide that with qualitative content. Another way is when the website provides any benefits or rewards to the visitors or registered members.
  • We endeavored to develop the T4eo’s advertising system so, that when our members are looking for a concrete product, service or information, they get fast and easy hits. We have attached to this a rewarding system to make it even more attractive. We have developed our rewarding system to the widest range of users can benefit from it, however it was important for us to create a system, where the surfing of ads is a pleasant and usefully activity, and NOT an obligatory job only.
  • You can earn there are three ways with T4eo within framework of the Rewarding program. These three ways are described in detail hereinafter.